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Monitor and watch your site with free site checking tools

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Since you are a webmaster whose spent a lot of time, effort and money in order to build your site, add content, get link, generate traffic and etc. That right? Have you ever asked yourself one question, "What are and how well you absolutely know about your website?".

Yeah, not only layout, content, and other general components of your site, but complex points of your website's traffic, source where your visitors came from and how long they rest on, which pages they viewed and how favorably resulting they behave as your customers or subscribers?

Another complex points are your website's property related to Search Engines like your site's rankings on search results, top keywords of your site, Google Page-Rank?

Do you know who are sharing with your hosting IP? How your site looks like when opened by another browsers? How much value of your site?

The answers of above points are crucial information that you should know in order to improve your site. So, how can you find the solutions? You can use the free online services as your checking and monitoring tools, and some of them are listed below.

Google Analytics ( one of most helpful tools that will give you invaluable information like complex points of your website's traffic, source where your visitors came from and how long they rest on, which pages they viewed and how favorably resulting they behave as your buyers or subscribers. Hence, you should have in your possession.

Google Alerts ( notifies you via email when your link or site is found anywhere on the web. Use for keeping track of any new links your site is getting and also keep track of your competitors' sites, keep track of whenever your name is referred anywhere on the web.

Google Toolbar ( can be placed on your browser so that when you're surfing you can see the Google PageRank of each page you're visiting, it is a handy measuring stick like the Alexa rankings.

Alexa Traffic Rankings ( tracks the web's traffic by using the Alexa bar in a surfer's browser. Though it is not an accurate assessment of the traffic online but it is also a handy measuring tool for comparing sites and seeing the long-term traffic trends of different sites, including your own.

Web CEO ( this is not an online service but it's a free software package. Web CEO has 10 tools for search engine marketing, daily site maintenance and in-depth visitor analysis. Search engine optimization tools work together to improve your rankings in Google, Yahoo, etc, monitor your search engine progress over time and spy your competition's linking strategies (very important for search engines). You can use this tool to increase your free traffic from search engines and improving your site's conversion rate.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool ( tell you how many searches are done in WordTracker and Overture for your keywords.

NetMechanic Toolbox ( let you review your site - find broken links, test browser compatibility, check bad HTML code, review your spelling and spot slow-loading pages.

Iwebtool ( give you information about your/any site. Google PageRank, PageRank Prediction, Link Popularity, Search Engine Positions for Keywords, Backlink Checker... also Visual PageRank where you can see all the PR values of all the links on a given page - both internal and external.

BetterWhois ( find out the domain information about your site. Do you have control of your domain? Many webmasters buy their domain name thru their web hosting company. While this is not a problem in itself, if any dispute should arise, who has administrative control of your domain; you or your hosting company? Can you change hosting companies?

IP Neighbors ( This site lets you know who are sharing with your hosting IP?. Is your site hosted on shared hosting plans?, if yes there can be hundreds of sites sharing the same IP address. If you have a neighboring site that uses email to spam, it could get your IP address blocked or shut down.

Any Browser ( discover how your site looks like in different browsers is it presents as it should be.

Website-Worth ( it is fun to use and see how much your site is worth. Measurement is done by the amount of links you have coming into your site.

Finally, all of these free useful tools will give you a better, more perfect and complete visibility of your site. Keep in mind that the more you really know about your own and your competitor's sites, the more succeed you will be and truly benefit from your site.

To your success,
eMarketing System

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