Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Update news for Free Blog Comment Feeder Software

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Previously, I've posted about "Free Blog Comment Feeder Software, CommentKhuna". If you have been downloaded a copy of CommentKahuna v1.0 software, here is an update news for CommentKahuna it's version 2.0.

Since Portal Feeder released Comment Kahuna a couple of weeks ago, they found that CommentKahuna users also wanted the ability to only find blogs that are NOT using the "no follow" tag with the comments. From a search engine standpoint, this give you a big advantage.

So, they just added this new feature for their users, and you can get it from here:


Please note, you need to removed the old version (CommentKahuna v1.0) from your machine before install new CommentKahuna v2.0.

Hopefully that you like this new version.

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