Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wordpress Doesn't SEO Blogging Software Not Blogging for Business

WordPress is an excellent platform for blogs, it's a quick setup and also manages sequent content and systematizes it for display on a Web page.

But, after that, where's the rest? Wordpress, by itself, doesn't the SEO blogging software NOT a blogging for business!

Why is WordPress a BAD choice for MOST people who want to start even who have started, online businesses?

Wordpress by itself CANNOT do...

  • Keyword research to find your perfect niche (Brainstorm It!.)
  • Getting your on-page criteria right (Analyze It!.)
  • Building optimized internal linking AND a built-in method of securing external links.
  • Traffic building.
  • PREselling
  • Monetization!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you really want to build an online business that generates traffic and actually income, WordPress is a dead end for most.

WordPress doesn't build e-businesses.

Do you want to BUILD a business or just want to BLOG? WordPress is the best way to blog. But it does not build online businesses.

So, WHAT does? What to do about it?

The act of website building or blogging is NOT an online business. It's just a small part. You do not have a real business unless you grow substantial income and equity; value of your business, the amount that someone will pay for it.

How can you build a real Online Business?


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