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Site Build It (SBI) Just For Newbies?

Is Site Build It (SBI) Just For Newbies in eMarketing System?

Time To Bust That Myth!

Let's review the true vision from "Ken Evoy" as following...

One of the common "misunderstandings" I hear all the time about SBI! is "it's only for newbies." I gotta say, this is the one that really gets me going!

Because it's just not true! And I can't help but wonder how this "myth" ever got started in the first place. It's usually from tech-types or the "marketing-savvy" who think they know better. They don't.

They don't even DO better. On average, SBIers soundly outperform them. So where DOES this come from?...

Yes, we make it extremely easy for a total non-techie to build a Web site that succeeds. And we've got plenty of folks who are doing just that. Just read the Case Studies here if you want some proof...

I'll bet there are very few "techies" who can come close to these folks. And I would also bet (if I were a betting man) on a "typical SBIer" vs. a "typical techie or savvy."

Power users? There are...

1) Power users who DO "get it" -- The times-and-money savings are huge. The results-getting is "huger." :-)

2) And newbies who become power users -- There are just as many folks who are on their 4th and 5th SBI! site years after their newbie badge was turned in.

3) Professionals -- More and more Webmasters are catching on to SBI!.

"Hey, why not build a profitable site?"...


So where DOES this come from? Perhaps because anything that is step-by-step simply can't be that sophisticated. Right?

Wrong. Quite the contrary. It takes high technology to make something as complicated as building a profitable business (not merely "putting up" a site) so straightforward.

With its constant cutting-edge updates and advanced capabilities, it's easy to show why SBI! is not just a tool for the beginner, but a time-saving, money-making, business-building, all-inclusive arsenal of weapons for the Web savvy.

SBI! has had so many "firsts" in its history, always being ahead of the curve. From the early days...

o creating the concept of the Theme-Based Content Site in articles that pre-date even SBI!, to...

o automating SiteMaps XML creation, modification, remote prioritization, automated pinging of all major engines, to...

o More recently, the addition of powerful new modules such as Content 2.0 and Socialize It!.

Content 2.0 (C2)

One of the great benefits of C2 is its ability to create community BEFORE e-commerce. C2 is a massive opportunity to sell the benefits of viral traffic and the power of Web 2.0, with none of its drawbacks.

Instead of the SBIer creating all the content with a blog, their visitors create powerful, real Web pages instead. And others comment. SBIers have reported gigantic traffic increases. Are you one of "doubters", well, just come to our C2 the informative page here.

And did you know that Blog It! essentially turns every SBI! site into a blog, giving it full distribution through the blogging channels? SBIers get both the initial benefit of fast distribution and the important benefit of long-term, momentum-building traffic.

Combined with C2, the synergy is powerful. No one else in the world comes close to doing this.

Then add SBI!'s latest release...

Socialize It! (Soc It!)

SBI! owners can now add powerful social media marketing to their Web sites. Socialize It! helps SBI! visitors spread your content, new and old, like wildfire to sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon and Yahoo! Buzz. A single button-click enables this feature site-wide. Soc It!, coupled with C2, and all boosted with Blog It! make it easy to get the word out about your site.

SBIers just get stronger and stronger, leaving the competition behind... yes even the savvy who think SBI! is for newbies.


If you ever see a forum where folks talk about SBI! being "for newbies," check their traffic rankings at, and You'll see they don't come close to the SBIer who comes along, sooner or later, to defend SBI!. Bottom line? They talk the talk. But they don't walk the walk of success and profits.


While C2 keeps visitors coming back over and over to add comments to an SBI! site, Socialize It! leverages those same visitors to spread the word about the site's content.

Social Media Marketing is big and SBIers are right in the middle of it all.

Infin It!

Infin It! allows SBIers to plug in great third party resources from anywhere, expanding their reach to even more areas of the Web -- all from within their own SBI! Web site.

o Wordpress and TypePad blogs

o Forums

o Wikis

o Shopping carts, and so much more. And oh yes...

o Web tools that haven't even been invented yet!

Infin It!'s "open architecture" enables each SBI! user to plug in any browser-based resource immediately, while maintaining their own branding and identity.

There is simply nothing that you can't do with an SBI! site nowadays. While you can take SBI! as far as you like, though, it's the core that is critical...

Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize (C-T-P-M)

Let's not forget that all of these cutting-edge tools are built on the Content-Traffic-PREsell-Monetize process, the underlying concept that makes SBIers so successful, REGARDLESS of their skill level.

Bottom line?

At its core, it looks simple. It enables newbies to succeed. And even at this level, most so-called "power users" would be well served to follow the Action Guide and master these fundamentals.

Once mastered, you can successfully stick with the process and drive profits, or you can fly it to outer space. There are no limits.

So if you reach a techie crowd, let them know.

SBI! is not "just" for newbies. However, newbies sure are beating most of them and it just may be time for another look.

And here's the Tools page for a complete inventory...

And you can see what's new... HERE!

Still have some question about SBI? Just check it out right now.
Site Build It! Questions


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