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Lucrative List Building

How Everyday People Are Building Huge, Highly Profitable Opt-In Email Lists from Scratch to Make Millions Online.
"Glen Hopkins"

In This Amazing New Book You'll Discover:

  • The Untold TruthAbout Auto Responders Including The Ones You MUST Avoid
  • How To Build Your List From Scratch In Less Than 10 Minutes
  • Ten Underground Strategies That Will Build You A Massive List Fast!
  • How To Instantly Make Money From A List. Just Seconds After People Subscribe!
  • How To Write Subject Lines That Stand Out From The Crowd And Intrigue Your Readers So Much That They Can't Wait To Open Your Messages
  • Why You Must Have Your Own List No Matter What Your Niche is
  • How To Avoid SPAM Accusations And Get Your Messages Whitelisted
  • Why Having Your Own Responsive Opt-In Email List Means You Will Always Have Money In Your Pocket--Even If Your Marketplace Were To Totally Disappear!
  • How To Create Your Very Own Products And Services That Will Have Your Readers Begging To Buy From You
  • The Absolute Essential Elements Neccessary To MASSIVLY Profit From Your List ....Plus Much, Much More!
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Success Begins in Your Mind, So Let's Start There

Before we get into the heart of this book, understand that if you read what I am about to say very carefully and then do it, chances are you will be earning large sums of money in just a few short months--each and every month.

But all I can do is provide the information. How much money you make is up to you. Only you can determine your success.

If you are derermined to succeed. I suggest you model two vital trials of successful people.

Apply and Test What You Learn

One of the two most important characteristics that successful people share is their constant strive to improve themselves through ongoing education.

Which is what you're doing by reading this book. But don't congratulate yourself just yet. Not until I explain the other half of this education equation.

Successful people are not content to simply learn. What separates them from unsuccessful people is their ability to apply and test what they learn.

Let me say that again: they apply and test what they learn.


You see, knowledge is absolutely useless unless you use it. Does it do you any good if it's just taking up space in your head? NO!

In order for it to benefit you, you need to act on the knowledge that you have. You must, therefore, apply it to your life and your business.

You probably already know you need to apply yourself. After all, how many times did you hear that phrase from your parents and teachers while growing up?

So if the concept of application has been drilled into our heads from childhood, what stops us from applying ourselves and reaching our full potential?

The reason that stops most people is summed up in one word: fear.

FEAR: Don't Let It Control You

The second key characteristic or trait that successful people share is that they act inspite of fear because they are not afraid to fail. They are fearless.

What is fear, anyway?
Can you touch it?
Can you hold it?
Can you show it to another person?
I can hear your answer from where I'm sitting: "No, No, No."

Okay then, we agree. You can't touch it. You can't hold it. You can't show it to another person. Then why do we have fear?

Fear is nothing more than an emotion or a feeling that we hold in our minds. We fear either the emotional or physical pain something may cause. The problem arises when these emotions and feelings affect the way we live in our lives.

We fear doing certain things because we think we might fail. This may be due to past failures we have actually experienced, or it may be due to failures we fear we might experience.


If for any reason you fer trying to build a huge, highly profitable opt-in email list I urge you to remember the following acronym for fear:

Evidence that

Most of the time we have never even experienced what we fear. How crazy is that?

You see, your subconscious mind has a hard time determining whether you've
actually experienced the failure or just imagined it. Either way, you feel the psysiological symptoms of the fear, such as an upset stomach.

Mark Twain explained it best: "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which have actually happened."

Often, we believe our imagined failure will come true, and so we don't even try to do what we're afraid of failing at in the first place! That is what makes a failure: a person who is afraid to try because he fears the potential of a negative outcome.

Therefore, you must put aside your imagined fears and go for it! Otherwise, you can never succeed at building a huge, highly profitable list.

How Do You Define Success?

Who defines what 'failure' and 'success' are?

You do.

Either you create the definition yourself or you accept someone else's definition.

For example, which of the following men do you think lives a more successful life based on the definitions they created for themselves?

Adam: "Everyday that I wake up and am not six feet under is a great day."

Jeff: "I have to be earning at least five million dollars a year before I am successful."

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"Glen is without a dobt a 'List Building Genius!' If you want to quickly explode your list and fill your pockets with cold-hard cash, he's definitely a Must read. Must hear, and Must see!"
-- Matt Bacak, The Powerful Promoter | www., Atlanta CA

"Luctative List Building is a testament to Glen's profound grasp of email marketing. Internet Marketer everywhere would do well to read this book."
-- Jason Oman, #1 Best selling Author, 'Conversations With Millionaires' |

"I have built my entire online business using list building and relationship marketing strategies. Over the years, I have identified a select few experts in this industry, and having met Glen Hopkins in person. I can tell he is the real deal. Anyone looking to learn the power of list building needs to learn from Glen. His strategies can help you double your profits in 90 days."
-- Mike Filsaime |

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