Sunday, October 14, 2007

Right keywords in your blog

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I hope you enjoy and learnt some or more from my little content in past.

Today we will back to the blogging topic once, let’s talk about applying keywords in your blog.

If you provide right keywords in your blog search engines will send you more traffic, you will have probability to get a lot of viewer from the search engines. This is the great type of traffic because it is free and targeted.

There are many tools that you can use to find good keywords for your blog. For example, as following…

Overture Keyword Tool:
SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool:
Keyword Suggestion Tool:

When you type in a word related to your blog you will see a list of keywords to apply in your blog that people are searching for. They will also tell you how many times the word is searched for, plus other useful information that you can use to find the right keywords for your blog.

Anothor useful tool using for generate a keyword list is GOOGLE SUGGEST. One feature of this tool is text prediction, while you start typing something it will looks at and predicts what you are typing and presents it off for you including the number of competitor in each keyword.
Go to :

Some importances about using keywords on your blog.

Your keyword should constitute in your blog content at least 2 percent. Many search engine guru think that the search engines look for a keyword density of around 2-3%, hence try to increase the keyword density so its value ranges within the boundaries of 2-3%, but, avoid not more than 10% unless search engines may look your contents as spam.

This means that for every 100 words that you write you have to refer the keyword 2-3 times. However do not make this affect your contents, you should incorporate the keywords into your contents so that the information still looks naturally and interesting to your readers.

You should put a certain keyword or phrase in bold, tells the search engine that you place an emphasis on it, it considers these words or phrases to be more important than those in regular font. It’s recommended that you should put your keyword or phrase in bold one or more but, however, not too many times.

Your keyword should present near to the beginning of page. This shows its importance in the context of the entire page because it is presented at the very beginning, it’s recommended that keyword be placed in the first 50 words in the visible text of your page.

Your keyword should present near to the end of your page too. Your page will be more relevant if your keyword appears at the end of the visible text. To attend this, put your keyword in the last 50 words of your contents, normally in copyright text.

Your keyword should appears in the ALT/TITLE attributes of text and image links on your page. Your keyword should appear at least once in text links, I recommend that it should be used in such links up to 6 times.

Although this will take some tasks, but it will be worth your efforts.

That’s it for today.

Look for next soon! Thanks.


Jon Roussel said...

Very good post with some key suggestions about how to research keywords. I would alos add that you should always add technorati tags to your posts. Jon Roussel

apichartrgb said...

Thanks a lot that you remind me,Jon Roussel