Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What are the relevancy and difference of e-zine compare to blog?

E-zine and blog? It seem that they are nothing relevant but let take a bit of your time for reading this.

Recently e-zine (short for "electronic magazine") in E-mail newsletter format are widely talking about and used by most

Internet marketers around the online world as one crucial weapon of emarketing system arsenal. For blogging, it's been years since blogging has been used, nowadays a blog (short for "web-log") is become very hot topic too.

As my discussion in past, blog can be a part of your website content or can be stand alone as your main website. A blog is looks like an online daily written record of experiences and/or observations, always in a colloquial style, displays respectively by times and days. Blogs use content management systems (CMS) platforms and automatically notify subscribers for an update via RSS feeds and they access new contents by using an RSS reader which typically built-in to web browsers. On the other hand, e-zine (in an e-mail newsletter format) must be written (may be prepare in an attractive HTML format), pasted into a web interface at the e-mail autoresponder service providers site, and assigned schedule to be sent out respectively to subscribers via e-mail. Normally, blogs are easier and faster to publish than e-zines.

E-mail autoresponder service providers will charge you monthly or yearly, another service is third-party Email Marketing Service (EMS) providers which will charge you on the basis of the number of e-mails sent to subscribers each month or some of them charge based on the size of the mailing list you sent. Compare to blogging, most popular blogging platforms are free for example Blogger, WordPress and others. Another way for blogging, you can also run free content management systems (CMS) scripts like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! and others on your website hosting, they are very easy to setup and costumise. That why blogging has grown so rapidly and established itself as a powerful marketing medium.

Frequent posts are best for blogging. A frequent poster is seen in a positive level, an active blogger alway posts about three times a week. But you'll be perceived as spamming if e-mail too often. However e-mail newsletters should be published at least once a month, once a week is possible but the content has to be very informative.

Both blogs and e-mail newsletters should be kept in short if you want them to be read. You can compromise them by sending the title, interesting teaser sentences, and a link for read more or links to more articles, expecting to read the full article on another page or a website. Don't worry, many readers don't bother to click-through to read either from e-mail newsletters or from RSS feeds.

Popular level of blog can be known by unique visitors that came to the blog site including number of RSS Feed subscribers which tracked via online service like FeedBurner. Popular level of e-zine can be measured by the number of e-mail readers (open rate) which tracked via trackable link in the e-mail newsletter. Number of subscribers in the list cannot guarantee the number of reader as it should be, some subscribers never open the e-mail and another reason is they cannot find the e-mail because of spam filter. Most Internet users use e-mail (nearly 100%) but not all of them use RSS reader, however RSS reader users tend to active and visit more websites.

Blogs or e-mails which one is best? Many online marketers successfully used e-mail marketing while many of them have found that blogging is a successful way to get the benefit. Nowadays most of them use both e-mail and blogging coordinately in smart way to get much more benefit.

Blogs or e-mails? These proven digital media have some of the relevancy and difference between. So it's up to you now to choose at least one of them or both and begin to communicate to your prospects in your niche and existing customers.

Just start do it now!

To your success.

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