Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Three Fatal Flaws Of Blogging

Blogging. Everyone's doing it, of course, including me. Blogging is merely a different way to build a Web site. Its content is organized by the date/time of its "posts," which are what blogs call "Web pages" (even the word "posts" suggests time-sensitivity).

Blog Or Build? You Could Do Both With Site Build It!. Yeah! If you can remember I've persuaded you to do blogging but... however for most small business people... when should you blog? Here is some interested point of view from Ken Evoy. Don't miss "The Three Fatal Flaws Of Blogging."

"Getting a site (or a blog) up" has never been easier. The sheer volume of sites (over 100 million, not even including the hundreds of millions of free blogs) makes online business success harder than ever. How will you ever get noticed? Most never do. And therein lies the massive failure rate.

If you lack the knowledge and tools to build a highly trafficked Web site and don't own your own free traffic online, you don't own a business.

If you want to build a truly profitable online business, one that delivers high volumes of targeted traffic and that converts into multiple streams of income, there is a better way and is more than just a better way.

The beauty of Site Build It! ("SBI!") goes beyond its power, flexibility and unique proven track record.

It is the best way for any small business to succeed online, whether you want to sell your services to the world, whether you are a stay-at-home-mom who wants to build a strong second family income while raising your children at home, or whether you have an offline local business that you want to expand through a Web site.

Blog Or Build? You Could Do Both With Site Build It!.

Site Build It! automatically reformats your latest Web pages into a blog format (complete with letting all the blog engines know) without you lifting a finger, giving you all the benefits and none of the headaches. Two in one, essentially.

However, let's suppose that you decide that you also have the time, inclination, subject matter, high originality and "fit" to add a "full blog" to your SBI! site. With SBI!, it's simple to do both.

Site Build It offers the best of all worlds, the single complete solution to your small business online needs. Better still, we'll show you exactly how and when to get the most out of blogging.

Again, Blog Or Build? When should you blog? Don't miss "The Three Fatal Flaws Of Blogging."

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