Saturday, May 10, 2008

Google Reader Become Social Networking

It seem that Google try to alter Google Reader into a social networking tool, wants to become more "social" and get us to automatically read what our friends share and engage with them further.

Look! What did Google Reader done, a few new ways that you can add and share interesting things in it.

Share anything with a bookmarklet (add the bookmarklet to browser and save any web page though it have no RSS feed).
Share items with a note (share a lot of items on Google Reader).
Add a note (send your friends short messages).

Google also added a few other small features and they mention that to make your sharing even more awesome!

You may compare the new features with another social networking site like, Twitter and etc.

For more detail look at "The Official Google Reader Blog" on the subject "Share anything. Anytime. Anywhere". (Posted on Monday, May 05, 2008 by Jenna Bilotta)

Google hope we like these new sharing features and thought we might like to use it, now and then.

What’s going on?

Are these only some useful additions from Google Reader?


Does Google want us to use these service instead of RSS news aggregator (which made it become popular) that already exist in the Reader?


How you want to use Google Reader?

Thank for reading.
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