Monday, September 15, 2008

The Complete Resource For Building A Client Base For Service-Oriented Business

Service Sellers Masters Course... Another Classic Is Updated!

Today let's discuss on one of emarketing system topic "How to promote the Service-Oriented Business through the Internet?".

Service Sellers Masters Course, "The complete resource for building a client base for your service-oriented business, whether your clients are around the world... or around the block."

Are you an owner of service sellers business whose provide specialized services such as...

o Painters
o Home maintenance providers
o Graphic Designers and Webmasters
o Barbers
o Photographers
o Copywriters
o Personal trainers
o Accountants
o Landscapers
o Caregivers
o And etc.

Did you ever wonder how many of service sellers business owners (including you) have their own Web site to promote their business? Of course, you should, right? But a large percentage of these entrepreneurs still don't get the Net, don't get the emarketing system.

Did you know taking your business online is a huge opportunity for Service Sellers to grow your client base and leverage your earning ability.

Think about it...

If an internet surfer looking for information and finds a Service Seller who over-delivers that sought-after info and while you quietly PREselling your service...

You would definitely gain a new friend, and a potential new client.

A Web site lets you as a Service Seller share your story, demonstrate your area of expertise and offer credible solutions, your service, of course! It builds trust and credibility, 24/7, locally and globally. And it offers additional ways, you can generate income like AdSense, affiliate programs, own e-book and etc.

This is your great opportunity, the value of a Web presence is so obvious... and so overlooked by these skilled entrepreneurs!

That why I would like to be the messenger of good news. If you, as service sellers, need to know what the web can do for you and how "Site Build It!" is the perfect solution for building a cost-and-time-effective presence on the Net.

Here's the freshly updated Service Sellers Masters Course and it's free for you.

Let me show you how Site Build It! can get the Net working for you! For more details, read on...

The Web is a fantastic way to grow any business. Deep down Service Sellers understand that too. Keep yourself thinking about the power of the Net, there are many ways to monetize visitors to your Web site. Most Service Sellers don't realize this. They're "stuck" thinking that the only thing they have to sell is their "service." But this is the great opportunity for you...

Service Sellers Masters Course

This course lays out the blueprint for how a service provider can get online and succeed. All the steps are there, including...

o Intro to online business basics
o How to position your service
o Finding profitable keywords for your content pages
o Choosing the right domain name
o How to pull in free targeted traffic
o How to build strong relationships and PREsell your visitors
o Multiple ways to monetize your visitors

It's a complete "do-it-yourself" course and it's free!

Check it out right now!

Service Sellers Masters Course

Remind yourself that your service is a skill -- a skill based on knowledge and experience that you can share and monetize. For example, you could write and sell your own book on your site!

Once you realize the possibilities, even more lights will go on.

Expand your client base. Attract targeted people... from around the corner or around the world!

Service Sellers Masters Course

And the next thing you know...




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