Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Google's new ranking penalty

Few weeks ago, if you noticed you would found that some of long term position 1 or position 2 website rankings in Google SERPs (search engine results pages) suddenly down to lower position. What has happened?

A discussion in many forum suggests that Google might have devised a new ranking penalty affected well established websites which rank well (usually on position 1 and 2) with a long history, long time in popular search terms.

It is not exactly clear yet why has Google done this?

There are two consideration, which factors cause the ranking drop in Google's SERPs.

First Google now considers usage data when calculating the rankings.

If Google now considers usage data when calculating the rankings then web pages with a higher click-through rate would get higher positions, but the true is web pages with have high click through rates also have been downranked. It might be that the click through rate is not taken into account.

Or second, may be Google now has more better recognizing of the relationships of word and phrase.

The penalty seems to affect web pages which listed with an attracting title and a description that is closely relevant to the search term. So, many webmasters think that it's more probable that the word and phrase relationships are the main reason for the ranking drops. It looks like web pages which too many inbound links using anchor text with exactly the searched keyword were affected by this phenomenon. That indicates a manipulation of the anchor texts and Google applies the filter.

If the link to a web page constantly uses just the same word as anchor text then the word variety is likely extremely low compared to the contending websites in the top results. That indicates a manipulation of the anchor texts which Google applies the filter.

Google might discover a manipulation if you alway constantly use the same link text. To avoid that filter you should ensure that you use variety related keywords as anchor texts for the links to your site, then ranking algorithms will consider your web page relevant to a special topic.

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