Friday, February 01, 2008

Google, The World's Computer

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Do you think Google is mere just a Search Engine in the next few years? Here is something you should pay a lot of attention to. Although some of Google's web services, for example Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Blogger and YouTube might not provide a lot income for Google as it's Search Engine, but those are not mere only Google's side tasks. Data processing, storage and software applications that used to run locally are now being supplied by big central computing stations. They're becoming, in essence, computing utilities.

Some business commentators suggest those Google's web application are significant signals of change, transmutation from "work station" to "world wide web" give a new or different definition to computing and also a hypothetical description of a complex Google's business pattern. Google is already a central computing utility, the world's computer.

Today computing is in transmuting path from tool to utility, like once electricity turned into a utility and vastly dropping its price. In the near future, corporations won't have desktop software with private data centers. But, gigantic companies like Google will host the global data processing and storage and we'll just pay the bills.

Internet giant, Google's goals don't end there. Google's ambition, to become the world's computer, plan to read our minds, the evolution of search into artificial intelligence.

Certainly, not only Google has been in thinking of this, but Google has been a leader in investing the kind of capital necessary to build that. If you're looking for the current leading instance of that trend, the world's computer, it's Google, without question and beyond doubt.

What if Google, the world's computer, is smarter than humans in near future? If Google's machine, the world's computer, has ability to do a lot of our thinking for us, when we begin to rely on the world's computer for memory and it's decision, what happens to our free will?

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