Friday, February 22, 2008

Web 3.0, next version of the Internet.

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We all known that Web 2.0 is about communication, summarized as interaction, so, for the next version, What's Web 3.0 being?

The widely talks about Web 3.0 between consumers are "how it can make their lives more leisurely, a web that knows what and when they want".

Many and many times over the last year, a lot of contributors and commentators sought to define Web 3.0.

"If web 2.0 could be summarized as interaction, web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalization," , Jemina Kiss suggested and wrote on "Guardian Site (".

While Sramana Mitra, contributor of ReadWriteWeb ( said that "web 3.0 will be about adding context to personalization", suggested web 3.0 will be about feeding you the information that you want when you want, in the context by suitability or rightness or appropriateness.

When artificial intelligence machines perceive things, matters and affairs in human conditions, and able to apply that cognition to the collection of our attention, at that time, we'll have a web that knows what we want and when we want it.

Does the version Web 3.0 reach that level, able to serve that aim point, being about adding context to personalization or about recommendation and personalization?

Josh Catone, another contributor of ReadWriteWeb said about this subject that "...the versioning of the Internet is kind of silly, and probably shouldn't keep going, it is a fun way to look to the future and predict what we might be coming our way. What do you think of Kiss's idea about Web 3.0 being about recommendation and personalization?".

So, what's your idea about Web 3.0?

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