Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have unlinked webpages been indexing by Google?

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Many webmasters have been monitoring their websites for the last quarterly and have been talking to each other that they found their webpages which no links from anywhere have been indexing by Google.

They are not mention to webblogs or CMS-pages, the dynamic webpages which automatically ping new post, it is another form that submit new post or new page to blog engines, then google's spider crawl these engines and will find the blogs. But only mention to conventional static pages.

One of them said that "I uploaded a new website and sent a link to myself in my gmail account. The site was indexed and appeared on a search within a few days. I didn't post the link in my articles or press releases or promote the site in anyway."

And another expressed "A website published, never linked from any website, then visible in Google results. I never submitted the website on any search engine, never added link on any website, nor added adwords on web pages of the website."

Some of their assumptions about the happening are as the following.

Google is using it's toolbar data.
Someone has been linking to these pages deliberately.
May be the links has been following from webhost's statistic pages.
They might caused the pages linked somehow by accidentally, however, at last, they're pretty sure that's not for this case.

And one of the most interested suggestion is, from one, he believes that Googlebot has adding the GET data function by itself, either by accidentally or aims to discover new content deliberately.

"Googlebot is spidering GET forms by getting the form variables and either leaving them blank or assigning values to them (sometimes taken from options in the form itself) - Google has a list of words present on the site - This list of words is being used to populate the form variables, and the URL requested via GET", he said.

Or Google is stepping close to artificial intelligence machine as I've discussed here once before.

Do you have some idea, what appears to be happening?

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