Sunday, March 23, 2008

Build Websites That Work, Success - Simple - Real.

An easy and effective way to build sites that provide your clients with exactly what they want... warm, targeted, willing-to-buy traffic, it's Content --> Traffic --> PREsell --> Monetize (CTPM) process. Experienced Webmasters are catching on to Site Build It! ("SBI!").

It's time to convert your satisfied clients into raving fans.

Let Don Coggan, a successful local Webmaster, tell you in his own words... Just watch this video by webmaster, see why this webmaster (and his students) love SBI!

Needless to say, the same applies no matter what WYSIWYG HTML Editor you use (from Dreamweaver to open source Nvu). It is indeed all about greater results for your clients, with less effort by you. In other words... productivity.

You won't have merely satisfied clients. You'll have raving fans who send more business your way. And, due to your enhanced productivity, you'll be able to handle the extra business. It all adds up to a more profitable bottom line.

Take your clients beyond their expectations... and build them a website that works.

More and more professional webmasters are using SBI! for their Small-Small Business ("SSB") clients. Why? You can find the answer from here.

Sites that used SBI! consistently get high traffic, as a recent survey shows.

62% of active SBI! sites fall within the top 3% most popular sites on the Internet, 53% fall within the 2% most popular and 35% are in the Top 1%.

Visit here for more detail.

Why just build a site when you could build a business?

Use SBI! to build websites that work. Try it with your very next Small-Small Business client.

With the assistance of SBI! and its unmatched productivity and results, you will deliver an attractive and effective, traffic-generating site in less time, within budget... at a solid profit.

Success, Simple, Real...

What is different about SBI! sites? More information visit here.

Only SBI! provides a natural, powerful process, C ---> T ---> P ---> M

All the tools necessary to execute the process, and verifiable, documented, and objective proof of success.

No other web hosting environment over-delivers and proves success. They would if they could.

Hope this good for your bottom line... and your client's!

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