Monday, March 03, 2008

YAHOO! has been asking, Are you googling?

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There are so many ways search can be improved but the most search engines have not been changing search form for 7 or 8 years, they carelessly improved its new search form.

However, recently, YAHOO! has been providing "THE NEW YAHOO! SEARCH ASSIST" which more intuitive, so surfers can get what they need faster. YAHOO! has been asking surfers for visit its new search and has been declaring its revolutionary new search assist.

NEW YAHOO! SEARCH predicts what surfers are looking for.

NEW YAHOO! SEARCH completes surfer's search as they type.

NEW YAHOO! SEARCH helps surfer discover related concepts.

YAHOO! has been asking "Are you googling?", lately.

See why the experts are raving about YAHOO! new search by yourself, the following are some praises from well-known publishers.

"Yahoo! Search is being hailed as 'revolutionary'." — Search Engine Journal

"There has been no better time than now to stop automatically 'Googling'. The Yahoo! effort is so impressive… Best is 'Search Assist’." — Chicago Tribune

"Yahoo!’s new Search Assist...could save minutes off of everyday searches" — Fortune Magazine

"Search Assist is designed to be especially helpful. The feature senses when a searcher needs help with a search and it appears as a drop-down menu under the main search results box." — Reuters

Last year marked the first time Yahoo's earnings have dropped from the previous year, profit fell 12 percent to $660 million even though advertisers spent more than ever on the Internet, but bulk of that additional ad revenue has been gushing to Google Inc., a company that was smaller than Yahoo just three years ago.

That why YAHOO! has been struggling to follow closely Google, and the move this times is helping YAHOO! to approach its aim.

So, YAHOO! asked "Are you googling?"

Another story before annunced its new search, YAHOO! had promoted one new development, an extension called YAHOO! Buzz, the YAHOO! version of Digg and other social voting sites that uncovers the most relevant and timely content from websites across the Internet. YAHOO! pull in the hottest stories and videos (and more) from a broad assortment of Web publishers during the day, and YAHOO! give you the chance to be an editor by voting content, which is called buzzing, up and down (either on Yahoo! Buzz, or on its publisher partner websites).

YAHOO! formulate a ranking called the "Buzz Score" for each content that you can see on YAHOO! Buzz, based on things such as the number of votes the content receives on YAHOO! Buzz, the popularity of related search terms on YAHOO! search, and the number of times that content is shared with friends over email.

Yahoo Buzz is already in beta, today you can start reading, watching, voting, and sharing your contents on YAHOO! Buzz. Possibly, if your content receives highest Buzz Score then it might be displayed on the Yahoo! homepage, the Web’s most popular starting point.

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