Monday, May 19, 2008

Internet and World Wide Web How to Program

Before World Wide Web stepping up to next version Web 3.0 if you still don't know precisely about Web 2.0 it's not too late to learn about them in order to provide your great foundation for Web 3.0 which will coming soon.

"Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, Fourth Edition" is the book which introduces readers with little or no programming experience and programmers to the exciting world of web-based applications, written by market leading authors, Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel and published by Prentice Hall (1108 pages, 4 edition; September 20, 2007).

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This book has been substantially revised to reflect today's Web 2.0 rich Internet application-development methodologies. A comprehensive book that covers the fundamentals needed to program on the Internet, this book provides in-depth coverage of introductory programming principles, various markup languages (XHTML, Dynamic HTML and XML), several scripting languages (JavaScript, PHP, Ruby/Ruby on Rails and Perl); AJAX, web services, Web Servers (IIS and Apache) and relational databases (MySQL/Apache Derby/Java DB) -- all the skills and tools needed to create dynamic Web-based applications.

The book contains comprehensive introductions to ASP.NET 2.0 and JavaServer Faces (JSF) and a new chapter on Adobe Flex 2.0. Hundreds of live-code examples of real applications are throughout the book.

The examples are downloadable from the Deitel website once registered and logged in and allow readers to run the applications and see and hear the outputs.

The book provides instruction on building Ajax-enabled rich Internet applications that enhance the presentation of online content and give web applications the look and feel of desktop applications.

The chapter on Web 2.0 and Internet business exposes readers to a wide range of other topics associated with Web 2.0 applications and businesses After mastering the material in this book, readers will be well prepared to build real-world, industrial strength, Web-based applications. For Internet and Web-based computer programmers, and others in organizations and businesses who need to develop their own Websites and pages.

This is one of a good introductory book on Web programming and also good for learning computer concepts, everything in one place, it's very well done and very in depth so we highly recommend it to anyone who is eager to learn to do web design.

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