Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Google Website Optimizer Now Available For Free

After Google launched Google Website Optimizer for year with their free A/B split and multivariate testing platform after that it has gone and is no longer free in Beta but available to AdWords users only.

Now the good news is Google Website Optimizer can be accessed by anyone with a Google account so you can start testing your site for free now.

Google Website Optimizer is an easy-to-use tool for testing your site content that delivers actionable results.
  • Listen to your visitors
  • Increase conversions
  • Eliminate guesswork
You can find out more about Google Website Optimizer service at:

and you can learn more for product updates, case studies and ideas worth testing on their Blog at

Search Engine Report:

The following are the search market share for top five Search Engine on March 2008 the numbers are according to 4 different sources (Hitwise, Compete, comScore, and Nielsen).


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