Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How To Make Your Knowledge Sell

Make some money online? You probably already know quite a few ways to do that... such as AdSense, Affiliate programs, Selling hard goods (even your own or someone else's).

But, do you want to know what some consider perhaps the best way to make great money online? How-to detail in the Monetization?

Selling your knowledge!

But how do I do that?

Glad that you asked...

For instance. Let's say you are an expert gardener. You know all about bulbs, fertilizers, and watering techniques. Why not take that knowledge and turn it into an e-book?

That's just what you should do on your site... of course, it is Content > Traffic > Preselling process...

But the process has no value if it does not actually drive income! So you now should have a fleet of e-books and sites that he uses to do emarketing system for them. As an example, your love of gardening can be truly turned into a gardening empire.

Here there are some super advantages to having an e-book that you can sell online...

- Online-immediate-delivery (no shipping to deal with)
- Easy to update at any time
- Transaction and fulfillment takes place automatically
- Very low manufacturing cost (how about zero cost?).

It all adds up to a super way to monetize any site, especially well with your site.

Because once you attract traffic interested in your niche, what better way to monetize than to give them exactly what they came for in the first place... more information!

And Make Your Knowledge Sell! is the perfect step-by-step guide for how to do just that... Make Your Knowledge Sell!

This includes...

- how to find profitable ideas
- how to package your e-book
- how to write for an e-book
- how to price your e-book
- how to market your e-book.

Now Make Your Knowledge Sell! is FREE. And it's an especially powerful one because this book is all about making money by selling e-books.

We call that a "monetization model." And there are lots of them, but none of them do much without C > T > P to drive thousands of PREsold visitors per day.

It's a perfect companion piece for you of our "why-you-should-build-an-SBI!-site"...

Most people don't know what an Infopreneur is. Now "turn on the your lights" and you CAN make money with your knowledge and passion, learn exactly HOW with the Make Your Knowledge Sell! free e-book right now.

We've been selling it for years at great price. But now, Make Your Knowledge Sell! is FREE. Totally revamped and updated, it's now also totally free!

Make Your Knowledge Sell! has been set free. And that means you have one more powerful way to make your site truly change your life.

Oh, and by the way, if you don't yet own a copy, pick one up for yourself, at the same low, low price of "free"...

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