Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Preselling Common Mistakes (II)

In the previous post we've mentioned that success is in the details and that's the details of how to presell correctly and we expressed the 5 mistake made by eMarketers, now here's the next 5 mistakes we see many eMarketers done their eMarketing system.

Not Provide Their Content In Skimming Format

It's not easy to read text on a monitor so most readers always skim to make sure there's something in it for them before they actually read. Use lots of short paragraphs, subheadings, bullet lists, and bold text (just for the really key points) to keep your reader's attention.

Write Too Much Jargon

Makes your audience feel comfortable by write in an easy language. Entering into their level of understanding of what you have to say. It all goes back to knowing your visitor and making them feel as if you care about them. Talking over their heads is a definite leave.

Trying To Do Too Much With Your About US Page

Of course, about us page is to create credibility for you however, don't worry too much about it. Use it to create a bond with your visitors and to get them to trust and like you. If you can do that all of your monetization will work better.

Too Much Selling

If you are passionate about your products it's easy to go overboard in your praise. But to someone who knows nothing about your products it may come off as sounding pushy. Worst of all it will hurt your credibility for all your monetization. So, never makes them feel like they're being sold, make them feel that you just care about you. It's a subtle and powerful skill.

Sending Directly To Selling Pages Without Preselling

Image ads are great for creating awareness and interest. But that's not enough to get high conversions. You must june-up your visitor first.


And these are mistakes we see many eMarketers done.

We hope some of these mistakes inspire you to take a fresh look at your preselling. Sometimes it's not easy to face our limitations and change those old habits. But making the effort and taking the time will be worth it.

Good Luck.


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