Friday, July 04, 2008

Preselling Common Mistakes

You've heard about preselling an important step of eMarketing System, right?

It takes the art of preselling to a whole new level. We got the idea after looking closely at what best eMarketers did to earn their 4-5 figure per month regularly.

They use their credibility to create credibility for the products before they send their visitors to selling page.

Of course success is in the details and that's the details of how to presell correctly.

Here's the top mistakes we see many eMarketers making.

Adding Image Ads With Preselling Content

Image ads are good for creating awareness and interest but they should never appear on your preselling content page, they look like ads!

Too Much Talking About Yourself

Your background and resume are helpful in creating credibility for yourself. However, your audience don't want to know how cool you are but want to know how cool you're going to make them.

Not Knowing Your Audience

Your visitors come to your site to learn about that subject. Always try to put yourself into their mindset before you offer them anything, and then solve their problem.

Not Really Caring About Your Visitors

You have to really care about your visitors, your readers come first. That's really the mind set that makes preselling work.

Too Many Links Out At The Beginning Of Your Article

Leading your visitors down the preselling cycle as far as you can yourself. If you send your visitor over to your selling pages before they are juneed-up they may get confused and skeptical. But if they feel that you're not just trying to sell them something in the long run it will add to your credibility. Preselling will convince them that you care and that you and your offer are for real.

Hopefully that you take your preselling, and your commissions, to the next level.


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