Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trend and trend setting

Is your emarketing system business a trend setter? Or, do you follow the trend?

If you are not sure, consider how this plays a role in your future.

As a trend setter, you are always one step ahead of the game. What you do, others look up to, but not just this one time. If you can manage to do this often, setting the trend that is, you can even create the fact that you will have others looking to you to set the next trend.

On the other hand, if you are following the trend, things are not so great. You will have to make up time for the other product or business that is doing well. You have lost precious sales time in the process. In addition, you will always need to watch the other guy for what is going to happen next, instead of being in charge of what that is. This can be a challenging place to be, actually.

Take a minute now to think about where you are in this equation.

Do you tend to follow the lead of someone else, hoping that there will be enough in the pot for you too? Or, do you seek out something new and exciting and try to incorporate that into your business?

Depending on where you stand currently should help you to see just how this affects your long term goals and ability to reach the success that you want.

Long Term Trend?

We all know that trends come and go. You should also realize that not every one of them is the right way to go for each business. Yet, the trend is something to pay attention to when looking at your long term success.

As we mentioned, the benefits of setting the trend in your market place are not just based on the basics of the sale. Sure, if you can get a monopoly on a product for a few days, weeks or longer, you are going to have some awesome sales to take advantage of.

Yet, those sales are soon gone. In the short term, that is all that matters. But, in this case, we are talking about the long term goals here.


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