Monday, August 11, 2008

Understanding your market

One thing that we do need to mention about emarketing system is the market that you face is likely to be much different than the market that someone else faces. The goals that you have in comparison to the goals of someone else are much different. In fact, you are sure to see yourself striving for benefits that are not on target for your business.

First off, take a step back, out of the picture and look at your market.

If you are selling on the internet, look at the other sellers.
If you are a small local business owner, step back and look at your local market.

Whatever you are doing, step back.

To Consider Now

The market that you work in is very dependent on who your customers are. If you are looking for immediate success, just opening your doors can help you to get started. But, in looking at your market, you can better see several things.

Ask yourself and answer these questions before moving forward.

• Who is my customer? The seniors or the children, the business women or the business owner…determine who your customer is.

• How do they find you? Do they find you online, through a simple web search? Do they need to find you through an affiliate link? Do they find you in their local area, in one of the most popular areas in the city?

• Who else is out there? Who is your competition? Where are they located? What do they offer that allows you to better them? How do they better you in your marketplace? Why are they open, pulling business away from you?

• What do you offer that is better, in some way, then the other guy? What do they offer that is better in some way than you?

• Where is your market going? Is the economy growing, stalling out, or is it holding steady? What amount of money do your customers have to spend on your product?

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