Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why You Need WebSite Services, SiteSell Services (SSS)

tIt's a fact that about HALF of the businesses are not on the Web and also the 99% of small businesses that are already on the Web won't be happy with their sites because they get NO traffic. And that's why they need SiteSell Services (SSS).

In 2006, Lyse-Anne's son was stricken with strabismus at an early age. Like any great mother, she immediately asked herself what she could do to make things as comfortable as possible for him.

And after another close family member encountered an illness requiring him to wear an eye patch, Lyse-Anne had that "lightbulb moment."

Out came her great idea... "Dr. Patch"!

Through working with talented graphic artists, Lyse-Anne developed a line of designer eye patches for all ages to complement and help in their treatment and recovery process.

And through SiteSelll Services, "Dr. Patch" became not only a reality, but an overwhelming success.

In the spring of 2008, Lyse-Anne hired SiteSell Services to build her Web site...

The site has already surpassed the 100 visitor-a-day mark and product orders are rolling in - just like a small business Web site should!

Through her personal SSS Specialist, Don Coggan, Lyse-Anne's site was carefully built using SBI!'s C > T > P > M engine which is now driving her thriving Internet business!

According to Lyse-Anne...

"Working with SiteSell Services has resulted in a professionally built Web site that is now generating an increasing number of online orders. Everything to do with the site is in good hands, and I can free up my mind and energy to concentrate fully on building my business."

So, why should you nee SiteSell Services (SSS)? It's your great opportunity check it out right now! you will glad that you done. GREAT for you!

What a good small business Web site is supposed to do? They're C > T > P > M ...

1. C -- It has great, informative, unique CONTENT.
2. T -- It has a constant flow of TRAFFIC.
3. P -- It communicates in a way that PREsells the owner's product/service.
4. M -- It takes full advantage of its PREselling message and turns visitors into customers through MONETIZATION.

And if your business Web site doesn't have CTPM, it's not doing its job.

Check out this SiteSell Services (SSS) right now it's your great opportunity, it's your time.

SiteSell Services

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