Saturday, March 07, 2009

Looking For - No office No boss No worries And An Exciting Future

The eMarketing System story of Nick Stubbs - All-Things-Photography

In the intensely competitive world of photography, even the best photographers need to duke it out for some of the smallest jobs. When Nick Stubbs began his first SBI! site, he had a dream and a goal...

Nick wanted to spend more time with his family, and live the life HE wanted to live, while being able to pick the kind of photography projects that were both lucrative and satisfying to him. In Nick's latest update, he reveals how his goals are being met (and exceeded!), thanks to SBI!.

Nick continues to push the boundaries. You may recall that last year he was able to quit his day job. What's he doing
this year? Well, aside from moving back to the U.K., he finds more and more ways to grow and monetize his business.

He is also now running 5 SBI! sites full-time...

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