Saturday, June 28, 2008

Article Marketing Still Work But Need Quality

Many and many people are still telling you that this is the way to do emarketing... by submit articles -- only submit your articles to as many directories as you can and keep submitting and submitting. But if you think you're going to increase your web site's page rank and search engine ranking by submitting articles to as many article directories as you can, you're going to be disappointed. Did you know this is not true anymore, you're wasting a lot of your time, and maybe your money, by taking this approach.

Google and other search engines know how easy it is for anyone to get links from such sites, so they don't pass any Page Rank to your articles.

Article as one of emarketing system does still work and it's still one of the best ways to promote your business for free. However, you can't rely on the article directories alone to send you traffic and link power.

If you do eMarketing System with articles and submitting them all over the online world, keep the focus on the quality of the content not only how many places you submit your article to. Quality of your articles will help you get your article attended and used by a site or blog owner. Quantity just means you have a lot of the same articles posted all over the online world that are doing very little to help you get attended at all.

The benefit of submitting articles at any article directories comes when the they publishes lists of newly submitted articles to those who might be interested in using your content for their websites or their blogs. When your content gets picked up by someone and used on their web sites or on their blogs your article begin to benefit Google Page Rank, your search engine ranking, and most of all, your reputation as a trusted expert in your arena.

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