Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's the secret to succeeding with eMarketing System Business

We are constantly asked that...

"What's the secret to succeeding with eMarketing System Business"

As you can probably guess there is no "secret" or "magic bullet" that's going to make you succeed. Like most things in life it comes down to hard work and persistence...

What we call Brains and Motivation. If you have Brains and Motivation, though, there most definitely is THE best way to succeed!

As we look closely at what top eMarketers do, we see the same techniques that all of them use.

The more we "analyze" what top affiliates do it keeps coming back to one top strategy... "PRESELLING".

But what is PREselling really? And how can YOU make it work?

PREselling is all about creating credibility for yourself with great content and with a genuine "I want to help you" attitude.

"You have to really care about your visitors (upstream), not just mimic the actions that a caring person would take (downstream). It's important to develop the mind set that gives rise to those actions in the first place. Your readers come first. That's really the mind set that makes preselling work. It's not just what you sell that generates income. It's what you decline to sell."

This attitude is at the heart of why PREselling works. Caring about your visitors will come through in every word you write and everything you do, IF you truly do care.

They will not (must not!) feel that you are trying to sell them something. And, in fact, you are not trying to sell -- that's just the happy outcome.

Your visitors must feel that you are there to truly help them. Whether it's vacuum cleaners or business-building solutions, your job is it provide the best information anywhere, the best solutions for them.

So how do you develop this kind of relationship with your audience? And then how do you convince others that your product or service is the right solution to their problem?

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To your success.

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