Saturday, June 07, 2008

Google Lunched New Free Web Application

Google always create new tools and always has a new application for us to join with them. Lastly Google has launched their web application that allows us to build websites using an easy to use interface.

Use Google Sites to:

* Plan club meetings and activities
* Share info on a secure company intranet
* Collaborate on a team project
* Stay connected with family members

We can share information with a few people, a whole organization, or the entire world. We can blog, create sites, share platforms, documents and more all from the convenient location of Google Sites.

Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy.

* Single-click page creation
* No HTML required
* Customizable look and feel
* Settings for accessing and sharing information
* And it's free!

If you are already a Google member, just create your first Google Site, it's quick and easy and most of all it's free.

You can also read more news and notes on Google Site Blog.

Enjoy your first Google Site.

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